1985 Honda cb650sc Nighthawk - $1,200 (Stanwood)

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VIN: JH2RC1308FM207471
condition: good
engine displacement (CC): 650
motor: gas
odometer: 13751
title status: clean
transmission: manual
Owned one of these before kids in the 80's and loved it. Sold after kids came and bought another one after kids left the nest. At age 70 finally sold it last year for $3000 and now ride smaller bikes like scooters. Came across another one at an auction in 2006 and bought it. This is the one I'm sellling in this listing. Drove it home 45 miles but the front forks were shot and needed a rebuild. Everything else was fine. Had my mechanic redo the forks. Since I had another identical bike I was riding, I drained the carbs and tank properly and stored it under blankets and tarps in my garage.

Yesterday after 18 years of sitting I pulled it out of the garage. Had an extra battery left over I charged and installed. Poured in fresh non ethanol fuel and pressed the starter. Within 6 seconds she fired right up. UNBELIEVEABLE. Leave the choke on for 90 seconds to warm up, take choke off and she purrs like new. Rev the bike a little and she revs beautifully with no stutter or shimmy/shake. Runs very clean with great throttle response. Lights, horn, signals, etc all function properly. Turn signal stems are corroded (common problem) and held up with duct tape. Cheap fix.

The bad: The clutch lever and brake master cylinder are shot and need replacing. These parts total less than $100. Somehow when I transported bike or stored bike I must have broke them as well as put that good size ding on the gas tank on the same side of gas tank. After 18 years I really don't remember how I did that. Bike was never dropped.

At 70 I don't have the strength to load it up on my truck and take it somewhere to be fixed. So I'm going to let it go now. This is a steal for anyone inclined who can do replace these two items and do the labor.

This bike is definitely worth bringing back to road worthy status. Other than the tank which is a replacement tank with a fairly poor paint job, the rest of the bike is in top shape. Seat is near perfect, all guages work, side panels look excellent,etc. Tires are old but not dry rotted. They haven't been exposed to the elements being in my garage. I know you're not supposed to ride on old tires, and while I have all my life without issue, I'm not recommending that you do. You might ride locally on short trips while getting a feel for the bike before deciding to install new tires.

This 83-85 model was ahead of it's time. Dual front disc brakes, hydraulic brakes and clutch, shaft drive (no messy chains to maintain), gear indicator on the dash and a wonderful 6th overdrive gear. At 70 mph the overdrive gear drops down to 3500 and just floats down the highway with two up carrying the max weight of two passengers of 350 pounds. The 85 model which this one is the most desireable year as the horsepower went up to 72 due to the larger carb Honda increased. Self adjusting valves too on this bike that never need adjusting or valve inspections/adjustments. I could go on and on about great these bikes were. Notice how clean and shiny the pipes are coming out of the engine. If you see yellow or blue on pipes on any bike, RUN. That means the bike has been running lean and destroying the engine. This is cured by removing the caps on the jets and turning them out 2 and 5/8 turns to run properly. They're usually turned in too far to pass emissions from the factory and result in the bike running lean. My mechanic remedied this when he did my forks.

I have plenty of goodies to go with the bike like the Clymer service manual, spark plugs, oil filters and more that I'll throw in. Have a front large windshield but some of the hardware is broke but can easily be remedied if you're handy.

Obviously needs to be trailered home as you can't shift out of neutral until clutch and master cylinder is fixed. If you aren't far from central Michigan (Big Rapids area), I could bring it to you after you've paid and your buddy's use my ramp and load it on my truck. I just don't have the back strength to do it anymore.

I know this post is overly thorough but it eliminates multiple questions of the same nature. You should know everything you need to know so you don't waste your time or mine. You must CALL me if you wish to pursue. No emails or texts asking if it's still availabe or do I need help selling. No phone negociations like hey man will you take $200? Negociate with cash in hand at my home when you've thoroughly inspected the bike. Clean bill on title, cash only acceptable payment, no warrenties expressed or implied. Bike is sold as where is. If you spend a hundred bucks fixing the two items, you could easily flip the bike for over $2000. I find most bikes now hidiously overpriced. Buying used like this is the only way to go. You'll never get this much bike for so little dollars like this. Would really like to sell to a Honda enthusiast who will keep this classic on the road. Call me.....Rich

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