Drivers (Mt pleasant)

We seem to have a huge spread in the way people drive some believe they should be able to pull out or shift lanes and the other people should make room the law is very different and I don’t think many know the law and have they’re on since of what the should be able to do I had a young bearded young man in a blue Toyota crew cab pickup pull out onto mission at central Motorsports I was already coming down mission in center lane at posted speed I didn’t slow because I believed he would stay in right lane and was going out the expressway but he came across and cut me off I was tight behind him going through roundabout and I guess that pissed him off when we got to river road he slammed on the brakes he was pulling a trailer with no working lights as I was going around on shoulder because I couldn’t stop he turned right onto shoulder forcing me into ditch even though he was going west on river after getting back on road I turned around and was able to see where he went so I stopped and asked why he did that he offered nothing except for me to get out and he would knock my teeth out he turned forcing me into ditch which is a criminal act I contacted sheriff and was told they would make contact with young man I have never been contacted the outcome of this could have been much worse injured a wrecked truck or worse and it all started because of no regard for other people on roadway and bad driving that I was in wrong place at wrong time

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